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Is the Bible reliable? Back to top

Lee Strobel

Is the Bible bogus?

Josh McDowell

The Bible: Is it true?

Josh McDowell 2

The Bible: Is it accurate?


What would my free love, hippie parents think?

What About Evolution? Back to top

Lee Stobel

The Case for a Creator

Mike Chapman

Why am I here?

Mike Chapman 2

Why the conflict between Science and the Bible?

Francis Collins

As head of the Human Genome Project, I set out to prove atheism.

What makes Jesus so important? Back to top


Jesus was either legit or a nut.

Mike Shreve

Buddha and others miss the truth that Jesus reveals.


My Jewish roommate blew my mind.

Lee Strobel

The Case for Christ Part 1

Lee Strobel

The Case For Christ Part 2

Gary Habermas

Did Jesus Rise from the Dead


Who was the greatest rabbi who ever lived?

Mike Chapman

Why Jesus

Mike Shreve

I shut down my yoga commune.

Is there a God? Back to top


A bright light entered the room as I lay dying.


Sold my soul to the Devil.

Alistar McGrath

Atheist turned Christian


Missing at the waterpark. Did my son drown?

Jim G

Prayed to Satan, God, Buddha—whoever.

Mike Chapman 1

Why am I here? (1 of 2)

Mike Chapman 2

Why should I believe in God in the first place? (2 of 2)


I’ll open this dictionary and ask God to give me a word.


God will visit us and speak to us even today.


Being the intellectual disguised my hurt.


Two little girls changed my life.


This atheist demanded logical answers.

Why does God allow evil? Back to top

Lee Strobel

Why God Allows Pain and Suffering Lee Strobel

Greg Laurie

Why God Allows Suffering

Randall Niles

God and Human Suffering


Dad put me on his knee, then I never saw him again.