Find Hope

I shut down my yoga commune.

Mike S

They had read an article in the Tampa Tribune newspaper about my Yoga classes at four universities. They knew I was a seeker of truth, hungry for reality.

God told us we would have a son.


We felt a confirmation in our heart that this was going to be a son and that we should name him Judah, which means Praise.

Missing at the waterpark. Did my son drown?


We gave my son a choice to go home or stay on vacation. He said, “I want to stay on vacation.” The whole time we were there people walked up to us saying, “I didn’t realize I would come on vacation and see a miracle. When you...

I'll open this dictionary and ask God to give me a word.

Joe R.

When I was twelve years old I felt the Holy Spirit speak to me in the church. I heard these words. ‘Joe, I have called you to preach.’

Called to America, but didn't like it.

Mark - part 2

"I saw a side of America that just wasn’t pleasant to me. It was an America that presented everything superficial."

Bipolar led to cursing people uncontrollably.

Matt C

It was just terrible. So I’m taking the medicine and I am correctly diagnosed but I’m still not really feeling any better. I’m not free from this bipolar.

They said my daughter wouldn't walk, but I believed she'd dance.


"We lost her heartbeat three or four times."

The fall of the towns most powerful man.


"There’s politics involved and I was very bitter."